2019 DRAGON Zodiac Medallion Bracelet
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2019 DRAGON Zodiac Medallion Bracelet

  • ₱2,500.00

Lucky Gemstone for Dog in 2019: RED CARNELIAN

RED CARNELIAN attracts prosperity, new resources and good luck. It is a talisman for success in any money-making venture. In the workplace, it is a crystal of ambition, drive and determination, and wards off undue pressures of co-workers or impersonal corporations with unrealistic expectations.

It encourages understanding of inner self and better concentration. It helps one overcome the fear of public speaking, balance creative and organizational abilities making it a fast-acting stone for career success. 

Red Carnelian also has clearing effects, dispelling negative energies as it replaces them with positive ones. It can make it easier for you to find direction, and its grounding effects make it easier for you to feel in control of your life.