Raise Your Vibe, Make 2020 Your Year! ✨

Choose NATURAL and PREMIUM grade gemstone charms as your companion throughout the year! House of Sabrina Charms are made with natural and premium grade gemstones to enhance good luck and suppress bad luck this coming Year of the Metal Rat. Each bracelet is carefully crafted using charms and crystals that are aligned for every zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has 'allies' and 'secret friends' who are particularly powerful pillars of support. It is thought that by carrying amulets of them, your positive flow of energy (chi) will be empowered.

This 2020, the colour green and Jade gemstone are very auspicious for all the animal signs, as they symbolize the colour that strengthens the WINDHORSE of the year, thereby bringing strong success luck. Thus, each Affinity All In One is charmed with a Jade gemstone to give you maximum good luck and success throughout the year!